Mobile Marketing

Practical Labs Mobile Marketing ties together LabCore℠ Messaging and LabCore℠ Campaign Management solutions to create integrated, full-featured mobile messaging solutions for individually targeted and subscriber group messaging.

Practical Labs LabCore℠ Messaging gives mobile carriers proven, full-featured USSD/USSI and SMS solutions that include mobile messaging gateway and application server features. LabCore℠ Messaging solutions enable direct subscriber messaging for mobile carrier services, including options for balance enquiry, service activation, and rate verification.

LabCore℠ Campaign Management extends LabCore℠ messaging by integrating message campaign management services, including services for managing sweepstakes, surveys, and periodic confirmation of available subscriber services.

Practical Labs customizes Mobile Marketing solutions based on mobile carrier needs, including customizations of the powerful LabCore℠ Web-based user interface as well as custom-built messaging management extensions. Practical Labs Mobile Marketing solutions also include options for integrating our Device Detection solution as part of providing complete device-centered mobile message management services.