Mobile Device Analytics

Our LabCore℠ Mobile Device Analytics solution offers mobile carriers and MVNOs a near-realtime carrier view into subscriber device usage and subscriber habits. This robust reporting solution delivers views of where devices are activated, how often devices are exchanged, what capabilities these devices include, and much more. Powerful trending tools provide information about how many versions of each device are active, what devices subscribers trend toward and from, and which manufacturers and models have the highest market penetration. The LabCore℠ Mobile Device Analytics solution features a broad range of reports as well as an advanced ad hoc report generation tool for your specific needs.

LabCore℠ Mobile Device Analytics is available as a standalone product in addition to being available with additional integration options, including integration with our Automatic Device Detection solution, an end-to-end mobile device life cycle solution. LabCore℠ Mobile Device Analytics also works in conjunction with Practical Labs solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), providing solutions for a range of applications that includes Connected Car-related provisioning, mediation, and service support platforms.