IoT & Connected Car

Practical Labs builds custom solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT) that provide provisioning, mediation, and device support services for IoT devices, including vehicles equipped with Connected Car devices. Practical Labs builds IoT solutions for a wide range of purposes, including solutions for device fleet management and non-intelligent enterprise mobile device provisioning.

LabCore℠ platform services form the heart of Practical Labs IoT solutions, including solutions that extend the capabilities of the Practical Labs LabCore℠ Mobile Device Analytics solution. Practical Labs LabCore℠ IoT solutions include options for implementing vendor-specific and proprietary interfaces as well as custom-built services for SOAP/XML and REST/JSON interfaces.

Practical Labs builds IoT transaction mediation and provisioning services that may operate in geographically separate and redundant sites, both in tandem and separately, giving mobile carriers and mobile enterprise customers a range of options for configuring their IoT services for continuous use. Practical Labs IoT solutions bridge the gaps between multiple business partners and multiple enterprise mobile provisioning interfaces, enabling controlled provisioning and mediation for multiple business partners and mobile carriers.

Each Practical Labs IoT solution consists of a custom-built design for each customer that leverages existing Practical Labs transaction management and telecom service solutions. Practical Labs offers IoT solutions with LabCore℠ telecom service management facilities and report generation features as a standard part of each Practical Labs IoT solution.